rabbit hole #1

A photo I took in Marseille a few years ago.

I enjoy reading what other people on the world wide web are reading. I don't really watch tv, so I guess this is my way of staying plugged in. I know that at 3pm on Wednesdays Cupcakes & Cashmere (a blog I have long followed) posts a round up of favorite links from the web. Cup of Jo (another favorite) does the same in the late afternoon on Fridays. In all honesty, these two blogs are my primary source for what's current on everything from style to books and other general trends. It's weird to think about but so much of my life experience is on the web (email, social media, blogs, news, etc...) A way I feel connected is by reading what others are reading and, especially, to read the comments. All that to say, here are a few articles that caught my attention this week. Hope you have a great weekend.

Beautiful brides (others might also say brave)

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