rabbit hole #2

Daisies in Virginia Highlands, 2014

Here are some of standout articles I read recently. Have you read anything good lately?

Howard Marks' quarterly memos are gold. If you are new to investing or interested in learning more about the field and current trends, Marks' quarterly memos are a great place to start. He exemplifies qualities that I believe all good investors should have: grit, patience, and curiosity.

On the finance note...Cup of Jo is now publishing a finance column?! I'm excited to read Paco's thoughts on personal finance and hopefully learn things I can apply in my own life.

I went down a major rabbit hole re: mommy blogs. Started with Nat the Fat Rat's comeback and lead to this and this.

A great reminder to show kindness to strangers because you never know what a person is going through. I attended a talk by Carl Richards earlier this spring...he's a phenom speaker and I love his weekly NYT column.

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